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About Me

My name is Ashley Proveaux- Moorefield. I am a certified Ayurvedic (the science and wisdom of life) Health Counselor, Holistic Body Therapist, Energy Healer, Life Activation Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. I've studied at Full Circle Yoga, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, California College of Ayurveda, Aithein Healing School, and Wellness Institute.

Growing up, I felt lost. I wanted to be happy but didn't know how to. I wanted to feel joyful and didn't know how to. I wanted to feel healthy and be healthy but didn't know how to. There were so many different diet fads and health articles with conflicting messages and statements floating around. I was utterly confused. All I knew was that I didn't feel "right", and I had no idea what to do to feel "right." I didn't know what balanced, healthy, and aligned really meant or felt like. All I knew was that I wasn't there. When I began studying Yoga and Ayurveda, and then later down the road began studying with the Modern Mystery School, a few things started to clicked and life opened up and really became Magickal. I began to see and understand myself and life in different way. I gained new perspectives and began to heal and grow at a very deep level. Throughout my years of practicing, learning and continuing to grow, I can now say I am at a place of balance more consistently throughout my life, and the magick and synchronicity I had only read about it books, has become an every day experience. Life is so much more beautiful than we can sometimes see. We are so much more beautiful, so much more capable, and so much more powerful than we consciously realize and know now. There is so much potential within each of us. It is my goal and purpose to help you find yourself again. To help you realize just how powerful and beautiful you really are.

My passion is to shine a light on that road back to yourself. From there you walk the path and witness your life open up and blossom .It is not just an absence of symptoms you'll witness but vitality, alchemy, joy, and wonder."

"One individual's medicine is another's poison"

As your holistic practitioner, I view you as a beautiful unique one of kind individual. By asking you a series of questions, and taking your pulse and looking at your tongue (a map of your digestive system) I will gain knowledge of your true nature, your unique constitution and balance and any imbalances. From that knowledge, I am able to work with you at a personalized and individual level.

Are you ready to find that passion and joy in your life again?

​Lets unlock that power of yours and create heaven on earth!

What is Ayurveda?

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” –Hippocrates

Ayurveda awakens the healer within you.

Given the chance, 99% of the time our bodies will heal themselves on their own. The problem is, we don’t give our body the chance. In Ayurveda we look at ourselves and our lives differently. We recognize both the uniqueness and inherent oneness within each of us. The first change I noticed while beginning my journey in Ayurveda, is how empowered and safe I felt. Ayurveda puts the power back in our hands. Ayurveda awakens the healer within each of us. I like to call Ayurveda the commonsense medicine because it just makes so much sense. And, as you learn more, you will see exactly what I mean. Ayur, life and Veda, wisdom or knowledge translates into the wisdom or knowledge of life or longevity. Ayurveda co-evolved alongside Yoga over 5,000 years ago in India. Ayurveda and Yoga together make a complete science and system of health care and growth.

Ayurveda’s Main Goal: Bring and keep the body and mind healthy and vital so the soul inside the body can pursue it’s highest spiritual goals and work.

Yoga’s Main Goal: Spiritual development, and enlightenment.

Your genetic code- Ayurveda views each person through the lens of the five elements and their inherent qualities. The five elements are ether, air, fire, water, and earth. This might be a little tough to mentally digest at first… I know, I’ve been there. So, let me explain it in a way that might make more sense. Ayurveda uses the laws of nature to understand everything in existence. The 5 elements help us understand the nature of everything around us and ourselves. Each element possesses specific qualities. Earth is heavy, dense, stable and Air is light, subtle, and mobile. EVERYTHING is energy. This theory was scientifically shown by Albert Einstein with the mathematical equation, E=MC2. Energy equals mass or matter times the speed of light squared. This scientific equation states that everything is energy. Under the right circumstances and conditions energy can become matter and vice versa, matter can become energy. Energy and matter are simply two sides of the same coin. The elements help us get more specific with what energies are working through us and around us and how we can use specific things to bring balance and harmony to our body and mind. We easily see the five elements in our physical surroundings, and as we go on, we will begin to notice and see the five elements and their inherent qualities within our food and ourselves. We are mini replicas of nature itself.

The Elements and how they relate to You

Let’s quickly look at where we see the five elements in our body. Earth is present in the fact that we are somewhat solid. We can see and touch our bodies. Our physical body is sustained by the food we eat from our natural earth. In this it makes more sense that we are simply a mini replica of nature, made up of the five elements because we easily utilize plants, herbs, minerals, and water from our natural earth to sustain our physical body because these substances are the same in composition and character to our own underlying make-up. As we continue, you will learn that each food, like us are a varying ration of the 5 elements. Therefore, we can use specific foods to satisfy and nourish our specific needs. Water makes up 70% of our body. Water is our life sustaining nectar. We cannot go very long without water. Water makes up about 70% of our body and Earth. The water element represents the subconscious and unconscious mind. Water is present in the plasma and mucus secretions of our body. Fire is behind all transformation and digestion. There is a fire in our stomach- hydrochloric acid and pepsin that break down the food we eat into smaller molecules. The fire in our mind digests sensory information coming in. Air is behind all movement. The movement of limbs, breath, thoughts, blood- circulation. Air is behind the absorption of nutrients through the small intestine and water through the large intestine. Air delivers the nutrients and minerals we consume to our cells and tissues for nourishment. The air element in our mind "makes sense" of the sensory input the fire element is digesting. The air element helps us link events and things together and understand things. The air element when in balance can also help us in shifting perspectives and seeing more than one reality. Ether is always present, humbly residing in background giving a space for the elements to interact in this way. Ether represents spirit, oneness. It is the element that connects everything together.

The elements and their qualities not only shape and explain the physical functioning’s of our body but also our personality and emotions. In the mind, the elements are associated with personality characteristics and emotions.

Have you ever wondered what actually accounts for the difference in people? Why are some people hyperactive and fast moving, while others exude grace and stillness? Why can some people eat a five-course meal with ease, while others can barely finish a salad? Modern genetics offers some insight, but what about the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make every person unique? Ayurveda answers all these questions with the elements. The elements are visible through distinct qualities and actions, ranging from complex biological functions to personality traits. An airy personality is bubbly, enthusiastic, and excitable. An earthy personality is grounded, calm, and stable. A fiery personality is direct, serious, and passionate. Anxiety is airy-there is a lot of movement. Compassion is watery- fluidic and nourishing. Anger is fiery- heated and intense.​

Meditative Therapy (can be done remotely)

What is our Aura? What is its function? Why does it need to be cleansed?

Our Aura is an energy field around us that acts as a protective barrier between us and our outer world. "It's our extra layer of skin." For a disease to enter the physical body, it must first pass through the Aura.

Things like, toxins, alcohol, synthetic drugs, and hot caffeine can tear holes in our Aura causing our life force energy to leak out and outside energy to leak in, leaving us feeling tired and dirty. I tend to know I am due for an Aura Cleanse when I feel like I want to take multiple showers a day.

I personally feel clearer, more focused and lighter both physically and emotionally after getting my Aura Cleansed. This is generally a maintenance cleansing that is recommended monthly or at least every 6 weeks. We cleanse of physical body by taking showers, brushing our teeth, and drinking warm water with lemon (our various internal cleansing processes). It is an essential to also cleanse your Aura- your protective energy field around you.


"The idea of doing an aura cleanse sounded so weird to me! WTF does that even mean, I would ask myself. It was truly something that I would do again and again. I was able to work through so much that day. Truly pivotal moment for me for sure. I also finally am not waking up with anxiety everyday! I had every day since we opened the restaurant. And that's one thing that went away with this cleanse. Thought that was dope Ashie! So thank you." - David Creech

Energetic Body Work

We are all meant to feel alive and live joyfully. Aches and pains, suffering are all ways our Body and Mind are trying to tell us they want attention, they want love, and they want to iaomai (to heal, to make/become whole). The therapies I use are both scientific and intuitive. An Energetic Body Work session is a blend of many different modalities and my intuitive connection with you. My goal during an Energetic Body Work session is to cultivate a balance and harmony within your body and mind that allows for healing and growth to occur naturally and effortlessly.

Aura Cleanse

If you are in need of session but live far away, this service is for you! This and an Ayurvedic Consultation are the only two services that I can offer distantly/virtually. Meditative Therapy is similar to the energetic body work just without touching and with more talking. During a meditative therapy session we begin by acknowledge your current goals and desires. We also look at what is primarily driving you with that goal and we then investigate to see if that driving force is the most efficient and helpful at what you ultimately want in life. We then will go into a meditative like state and observe the energetic landscape associated with all of this. He we really connect to the roots of what you experience in life- physically, mentally, emotionally, circumstantially, financially, relationship wise etc. We acknowledge the energetic within and around what you're experiencing in your day to day life. This work is fill will "oh, wow! aha! oh my gosh that makes so much sense!" as you become aware of the subtle energetic within and around you. You will gain great understanding of yourself and the world and how you function within the world and how the world functions with and with you. With greater awareness and understanding, greater compassion and love- self love and universal love increases. With more awareness and understanding and acceptance of yourself and the world, you also gain more access the fullness and completeness of who you are. This description may be difficult to grasp with the mind as you read this because these sessions offer experiences of yourself and the world around you far beyond what your mental thinking mind could imagine. I will also guide you in stating various affirmations at specific times, tone vowel or bija mantra sounds, using audible tuning forks, and or have you breathe in particular ways at necessary times. All of these tools help you to connect to and witness yourself and your field in a way that is effortless pure and free of self judgement, which is strong a pattern that holds us back from greatness, love, peace and joy. This session is definitely something worth experiencing!

Ensofic Ray Reiki

How Ensofic Reiki Can Help You

  • Gently and powerfully release old wounds and suffering held within your being

  • Heighten the vibration of your body, allowing you to release lower energies that cause illness

  • Realign your physical body and soul with your purpose and potential

  • Increase consciousness of spiritual energies helping you to connect to your divine potentials

  • Reduces pain

  • Improve circulation

  • Increase ability to heal and recover from injury

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Stress relief

  • Helps heal emotions

  • Tranquility

  • Increase clarity


It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is the 1st ray of creation; it is pure, straight to the point and penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you.

How Can Esofic Reiki Work?

For starters, one component of this healing method involves hands-on energy transfer between the practitioner and the client. The practitioner channels the Ensofic Ray from the universe as a means to enhance their own energy and response to physical, mental and spiritual ailments. This increased energy flows through the practitioner during treatments and is transferred to the body of the client. It invigorates the energy within and raises awareness in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are contained, causing the negative energy (stress, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, etc.) to loosen its grip. In doing so, the healer can move the negative energy away from the body and clarify the pathways.


"First off, I don't know how or why it works, but it does. Have just gone through some sever stomach issues. I found myself in extreme pain and discomfort. Each time Ashley did reiki on me the discomfort and pain lessened. The last couple of sessions I had with Ashley the pain was compleltly gone. I can't say enough about Ashley's skill and gift and recommend it for anyone with either physical or emotional issues." - Susan D'Anna


Ashley is amazing! She's very knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate. I learned about my Doshic makeup and how to improve my life based on how my body naturally functions! Love her energy & her work and I highly recommend seeing her!! - KL

For over 20 years I have suffered from severe headaches and stomach issues due to radiation damage from cancer treatment. Having been to multiple doctors with little to no help, I went to see Ashley. I didn’t expect much but was hopeful. The visit was calming and relaxing, however the after affects were amazing. I now have a headache maybe a couple of times a year and they are doiable. Meaning im not digging in bed wishing I was dead. I can eat regular food now as well. I am so so grateful for Ashley’s help. - SD

Ashley is a wonderful, caring and compassionate energetic lightworker! She can help you move past deep rooted issues with the Aruyveda system. I def recommend giving her a call! -SO

Ashley is very knowledgeable and provided me with great information and tools to help me on my journey. I am very thankful to have found her even if it is over an hour drive. Thank you Ashley 😊 - Fran

Ashley Ayurveda has been an amazing and healing experience. I feel more whole since going and have found her incredibly insightful. I had never done anything like this before but had been encouraged to try different non traditional healing means by a therapist and I completely do not regret. I feel more balanced in my life than I think I have ever been. I would recommend to anyone considering, even if you are a skeptic. This has really gone hand in hand with counseling in my healing journey. - CD

Ashley is an amazing Ayruvedic practitioner. She is very knowledgeable and eager to help her patients. She diagnosed me and gave me a diet to follow and I have balanced my Vata Dosha and feel better and even lost some weight already. - Susan

I am grateful for the healing session you facilitated yesterday. It was truly a great experience, one that words can not describe. Today not only I feel healed in that area I also feel peace, calmness and more cohesive energy.
Thank you. - JW

I’ve seen Ashley more than a dozen times for Ayurveda consultations, reiki and her unique energy work. There is a reason I’ve continued and will continue to consult with her and seek energy work from her. She’s excellent! She brings to all her modalities a tremendous knowledge and wisdom and true energetic sensitivity. She is gifted. I’ve experienced a tangible shift in mind body soul alignment with her facilitation and I am truly grateful. - Caroline

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